So you have decided what you want done and you have chosen Marble Construction to do it. Your new attic will be a fantastic addition to your home!


Parking Permits

Before the start date it is necessary that you pay for and obtain any parking permits needed by the construction team from your local authority if needed.

In London and Surrey, a trade permit is available from your local authority, this can be cheaper than individual parking permits. A trade permit can only be obtained if you have proof of work.

Any of the following is acceptable as proof:

  • A photocopy of our quotation, showing the address of your property.
  • Letters confirming the building work from your local authority.
  • A highway license for skips.


Safety for You, Your Neighbours and Us.

Safety is our main concern at Marble Construction.

We welcome you to join us on site and will supply you with the necessary safety equipment, including, glasses, helmets, high visibility jackets, gloves and masks.

It is extremely important that you wear these whilst on site for your safety.

Please avoid parking vehicles near the construction site or on the drive way, with so much equipment, goods and waste being transported, not only are vehicles a safety hazard, accidental damage to such vehicles is a possibility, for this reason please also inform your neighbours not to park near the site.

Vehicles located in such areas are at risk and Marble Construction does not take responsibility for any damage if in the area specified.

We always keep the site tidy to minimize risks. However, tools and materials in use may be located around the site, so take care when entering or leaving the area.


Preparing Rooms

The Following points are to make sure no damage comes to any of your possessions, furnishings or property:

  • The rooms directly adjoined to the extension should be vacant and closed off
  • If you are keeping the existing carpet in areas of work, have them removed before the start date and re-lay it after completion
  • Landings if in use or passed through should also be empty, including wall hangings
  • Scaffolding can interfere with Satellite T.V reception, which we cannot take responsibility for. In the event that there is interference, aerial installation engineers will re-locate the satellite for around £70 plus VAT.


Life Without a Kitchen?

This can be one of the most frustrating elements of an extension and can last up to two weeks depending on the job.

To show our appreciation for choosing us, we will give you a £50 gift voucher for the Thai Terrace in Guildford for One night to help with your dining arrangements.

To make the time without a kitchen or water as easy as possible, friends and family are a useful source of help. Bottled water, a kettle and a microwave in an unaffected room can also make your life easier!

Thai Terrace details:
7th Floor
Castle Car Park
Sydenham Road,
Tel: 01483 503350

“Stunning Scenery at what ever time of day. Thai Terrace has been packed every weekend since it opened in 2003. The Thai Terrace is a chic, contemporary restaurant renowned for its attention to detail and great-value food and wine list. With panoramic views over Guildford and ample parking below.”

Remy Award winner 2005.
Children welcome.
Access for disabled people.
Vegetarian meals.
Fantastic Food.
Great Atmosphere.

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