If you’re thinking about achieving an additional bedroom without the added expense of changing the original roof slope, then a Velux conversion is your answer.

There are many designs and styles to choose from when building a Velux conversion. Decisions you need to make include how many Velux windows you would like, and whether you want a bedroom, a playroom, a shower room or study in the attic.

There are many styles of Velux windows including Centre Pivot, Top-Hung, Integra Electric Roof Windows, Cabrio Balcony Systems and Conservation style windows. We are more than happy to talk you through all the different types and which would be suitable for you. Unlike other companies who standardize fittings and windows to make their jobs easier, we at Marble work hard to give you the individualized conversion you want.

Velux conversions normally cost around £24,000 to £30,000 but this all depends on the size of your attic and specification you require.

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The only negative with a Velux conversion is that you need a minimum of 2.4 meters of head height in your to do it. Without this height, it simply won’t be worth converting. Our advice in that case would be to use the money on extending your house out the back.

For more information, please see our main page on loft conversions.

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