Rear Dormer Conversion with French doors and two UPVC Windows


A rear dormer conversion is the process by which the back roof slope is removed and the dormer is built off the back wall into a box shape from the rear elevation.

Large dormers are usually built on the rear of properties as it makes it easier to gain planning permission, especially if your house is visible from the road. However, if a neighbor or house close-by has a large dormer on the front of their home, it is likely that you will be allowed one as well.

Dormers are usually built out to the full width of the existing property maximising the usable head height inside the attic area. Sometimes people find dormers unattractive and too top heavy compared to the rest of the house.

Some builders do not use the same high quality materials we use. For this reason we always recommend a visit to a previous dormer conversion which we have completed so you can see first hand the difference in slates, insulation and roof coverings (e.g. quality of lead, felt and solar paint which we always use as standard practice). This may also help you choose what tiling or bricks you would like on your conversion.

Lofts can look great from the outside and  inside if they are designed properly. We can design, spec and help with all your loft needs.

Using your old loft you may decide to create a master bedroom with an en-suite shower room,  a new study or playroom for the kids… All of these are feasible when building a rear dormer conversion.

Please call us on 0845 813 1111 for more details.

Please note:- A minimum of 2.1 meters is required to achieve a rear dormer.

For more information on lofts, please see our main page on loft conversions.

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