The choice when it comes to windows and doors can be wearying with vast ranges and styles. To help choose there are a few key factors to keep in mind.


The bigger the window the more light it lets in is the basic principle but not the only principle. It is also important that the window aligns with other windows to avoid looking out of place and awkward.

Smaller windows can be preferable in rooms where privacy is important both for the customer and their neighbors. Smaller windows are also less likely to impede drainage pipes, vents and flues.

The standard height dimensions for windows are done at intervals of 150mm (two brick course) such as: 450, 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1,200, 1,350, 1,500. In comparison with options are less logical: 488, 630, 915, 1,200 and 1,770.

Building ProcessDoor sizes are normally given in inches but still come in standard sizes of 78x33in (1,981 x 838mm), 78x30in (1,981x762mm). For wheelchair access  80x32in (2,032x813mm) doors are available and patio doors are normally 82x47in (2,085×1,190mm).


In semi and detached properties it is common for the side walls to be in close proximity to the neighbor’s side walls. Subsequently installing large windows in such a situation is unlikely to go down well in planning permission applications. The alternative is front and rear windows, sky lights, frosted windows or smaller windows.


A good front door is the first line of defense, most modern doors will feature a three bolt locking system placed at the top middle and bottom of the door, all locked centrally from the handle. This makes forcing the door extremely difficult and is something even the police struggle to break through, especially with UPVC.

66% of burglaries occur at the rear of a property, to reduce the risk of theft it is possible to install windows with limited or no opening ability. However this should be countered by the risk of being trapped in the event of a fire.

While escape windows in loft conversions alone are not enough to pass building regulations anymore, they are still drastically safer than a window you can’t get out of in an emergency.


Window frames come in softwood, hardwood, UPVC and aluminum. With modern manufacturing methods UPVC and hardwood frames have similar installation time, cost and life spans if maintained properly which makes this more of a style choice than practicality.

The same can be said of doors which come in either UPVC or Hardwood.


To pass planning permission a property must be in keeping with the style of the area. In conservation areas conservation windows will be required. These limitations can be frustrating for those in old and dark properties where bigger modern windows would allow more light through.

In older buildings door frames are unlikely to be standard sizes and doors to fit them are likely to cost more, if possible it is worth gaining permission to change the door size.

Choosing factory line models will save massive amounts of money over custom designs.

Marble Construction can supply, install or do both normally within two to three weeks from survey and offer a full 10 year guarantee.


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