Projects can be thrown off track by a variety of issues including legal, monetary, communication and time constraints. Here is a list of things you as the customer can do to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.



We keep in contact with our customers on a very regular basis to ensure everything is just how you want it. During the construction stage this can even amount to several times a day. By staying in contact with us through answering calls and speaking to us in the morning briefs we can make decisions quicker and more suited to what you want. It also allows us both to deal with any unexpected problems quickly instead of hindering progress.


Before construction starts, it is important that the construction area is clear. This includes clearing the loft space of everything but electrics and plumbing, making sure driveways and paths are clear, taking wall hangings and furniture out of access routes, dust sheets over carpets, warning the neighbors and ensuring that any permits or permission we tell you is required is done before the start date. To make your life easier, arrange to stay round friend or family’s houses for the times when there will be no water or electricity. If this is not possible, placing a kettle and a microwave in a room out of the way can help.


It is important for the customer and the company to keep a good working relationship, we work very hard to make sure deadlines are met, similarly it is important that all payments are met on time.

Whilst we make sure to inform you of ALL costs before giving you a contract to sign, alot of other companies do not. Make sure to take permit, access, winch, insurance and a variety of other fees into account when dealing with companies that do not list them. It is also suggested that you keep an emergency fund of 10% of the total cost of the build incase any unexpected problems occur.

Financing construction work is best done through use of savings or borrowing from family or friends. However we recognize that this is not always possible, the next best thing is a bank loan whilst credit cards should only be used in a worst case scenario due to the interest payments.


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