Project Planning is the most important factor when considering converting your property. Marble Construction are committed to providing free building advice, from planning and building regulations right through to new cutting edge technologies for the future of building. In fact as soon as we understand it, we’re going to digest it, learn it and write about it keeping everyone up to date with what is going on in the building industry.

Eco Information
Marble Construction are committed to the environment and new eco products that are being launched into the market. This area of the website will contain new eco products that we highly recommend to use on domestic houses, and products that we would strongly suggest you avoid using.

The Future
Over the coming months we aim to show you thermal images of different extensions that have been built in the London areas and then will compare these to our eco extensions that we offer. You will then see first hand the difference between our eco developments and our competitors’ ‘eco packages’.  I think you may be slightly concerned with what you will see. This will be completed and on this site by March 2010.

General Building Information
Marble Construction will also add lots of interesting content regarding material prices, new tools on the market, interior design ideas, garden and landscaping ideas, bathroom and kitchen ideas and much much more.

Please follow us on Twitter @TheMarbleGroup for updates and offers to develop your home.

If you would like to suggest ideas or contribute a real life account of something that has happened to you when having an extension or conversion done, please call us on 0844 813 1111 as we would love to hear from you.

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