This can be one of the most stressful parts of the process due the effects of needing to cut off water, electric and gas supplies, portions of the house becoming inaccessible and the noise from machinery.

The best way to counteract this is by forward planning by:


  • The Thai Terrace in Guildford. Customers get a £50 voucher to aid with living costs during extensions.

    Arranging to stay at a friend or family’s during the stages where utilities like water, electric and gas are unavailable. Gantt charts produced by Marble Construction will show when this will occur.

  • If the kitchen is along the route of access into the property for materials and workers, consider moving a kettle, microwave, bottled water and cutlery into another unaffected room to minimize disruption.
  • Marble Construction gives each customer a £50 voucher for  the Thai Terrace in Guildford for One night to help with dining arrangements.
  • Clear the route of access in and out of the property. This includes moving wall hangings, furniture, rugs, cars garden items. and anything in any rooms being extended
  • Keep all doors not along the route of access closed and locked. This prevents noise pollution, dust from getting into every room and staff walking the wrong way through the house.


Building ProcessRoutine Checks

Extension guides will recommend that the customer carries out certain tests each day after work ends.  Marble’s Work is Consistently high quality, have many stringent internal quality checks and some customers even choose to go on holiday during construction! However if the customer wishes to check for themselves as well, here are the checks that guides suggest:

  • Sites should not be cluttered with debris, materials and tools left strewn around, Marble will tidy the area and route of access after each day.
  • Examine the dimensions of the Build compared to the plans for accuracy. This includes windows, doorways, walls and fittings.
  • Spirit level checks on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Check the progress against the Gantt chart.

Every morning before work begins the onsite manager will be available to answer any questions the customer has, brief them on what work will happen on that day and inform them of any news. The Manager will also be available any other time to talk through anything the customer wants or needs explaining.

Time Scale and Delays

When creating time plans, Marble will take into account a few days for un-expectable delays beyond their control such as suppliers being late. An advantage of Marble Construction is that specialists such as electricians, plumbers and roofers are all internal employees as opposed to more unreliable outsourcing.


Hidden Extras

Many companies will not include certain necessary features in the quotation to make the price seem lower at first glance. Marble however pride themselves on honest and open conduct with clients and include all foreseeable costs.

Coupled with their extensive surveys by the most experienced staff in the area, Marble are likely to spot problems that many companies would miss until during construction. However some things are impossible to spot before construction starts. This can include Hidden rotten timber or dangerous existing electronic circuitry.

Another common addition to costs is when the customer changes their mind during construction or orders previously un-mentioned fittings or extras. To minimize these costs, be as specific as you can in the contract and check it through twice.


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