Building greener, always thinking greener…

We only want what’s best for the world we all live in.

Marble Construction Ltd are extremely passionate when it comes to doing our bit for the planet.
Not only are we aiming to be recognised as London’s elite eco building company, but we try our hardest to change the small things we are involved with also.

Our office is totally powered by super efficient Megaman low voltage spot lights that use a mere 11 watts per spotlight compared to the standard 60 watt spot light normally found in most homes and offices. We promote these lights to family, friends and clients who are extending, refurbishing or simply uplifting an existing room.

We buy all our office copier paper for day to day internal use as recycled 80gsm paper and only buy high quality 120 gsm paper for our quotes and correspondence with clients.

We recycle as much as possible when on site or in the office and re-use as many products as we can.

Our waste company, Taurus Waste Recycling, are continually improving the way they deal with our waste and have pledged to continue to keep doing so in the long term future.

Marble Construction attend many build conferences and exhibitions across the country. These include EcoBuild 2008/9, Interbuild 2009, Ideal Home 2009, Toolfair 2009 and Elecfair 2009.

We believe it is of paramount importance to keep exploring up and coming / new eco products that are soon to be the cutting edge technology of the modern builder. A few products we have introduced to the loft market are

  • Airflex
  • Solar paint

Cutting edge tools and on-site products are also very high on our agenda. Marble Construction own over £50,000 of the highest quality tools. Shows such as Toolfair and Electfair allow us to discuss the newest and most advanced tools coming onto the market. We can discuss our requirements and can invest in the right tool for the right job.

Tools and manufacturers in whom we invest are as follows:

  • Festool
  • Dewalt
  • Milwacki

The power tools listed above are the world’s leaders and a carpenter’s dream.

Good tools equal a good build and Marble Construction will continue to invest in the right products to keep our quality the highest in the industry.

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