A double storey extension is the way to go if you need more space without compromising Garden space or storage in the Attic . Double storey extensions can increase your property substantially and don’t cost too much more than a single storey extension.

This huge amount of space would cost around £65,000 to £75,000 to complete and it is normally much cheaper to extend than it is to move, taking into account all those solicitors’ fees, removal costs and stamp duty, not to mention the additional mortgage needed to step up the property ladder. Double storey extensions are a great way to increase space with the minimum stress and cost.

We always recommend a visit to one of our previous projects, not only to see the final finish that we build to, but also  to help understand the internal layouts of that project to help us make yours perfect for you.

We can provide a full planning service and promise to invest the necessary thought and time into considering carefully how you will use the space once it is built. A lot of builders try to get you to use a default plan to save work, We don’t. Use us and your extension will be a truly personal space.

For a FREE consultation on what options you have to convert your property please call, or email  us your contact details and we will advise you accordingly with no pressure, no cost and no hard sale.

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