At Marble Construction, we are glad to announce our latest project in North Camp has now been finished!

Four weeks ago we started a conversion for Kerri and Martin at their house in North Camp, Farnborough. Kerri and Martin’s young children use to share one bedroom but due to a growing family, they decided to convert their attic to gain that extra bedroom. Kerri and Martin agreed that they would move up as the space in the converted attic will be bigger than their existing master bedroom on the 1st floor. We built their conversion on time and within our fixed price that was agreed at the planning stage. We completed a dormer conversion and designed the stairs to flow over the existing (stairs over stairs) to make the conversion feel like part of the existing property.

Although they lived at home throughout the duration of the build, they enjoyed watching the development take place and we are sure Martin and Kerri are both over the moon with their new third floor now that they know the project is finished. After four hard weeks of working, we are proud to say we have finish and glad that our customers are happy.

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