The reasons customers have work done on their homes differs greatly but one of the most common is to increase the selling price of their house.

Not only will high quality work increase the price, it can also increase interest in the property, decrease the amount of time it takes to find a buyer and encourage offers closer to the asking price.

By surveying 110 estate agents, Mortgage lender GE Money came up with the following top 10 ways of adding value to a property:

10. Eco home improvements may not be the biggest way to add value, but reduced gas and electricity bills are always very popular with buyers. Marble Construction offer a wide range of energy saving devices from solar panels to specialist insulating panels in extensions to under-floor heating.

9. Garden patios and deckings come in with an average 2% increase to the property’s value. However a wonky slabs or cracked concrete is unlikely to entice anybody, Marble has much experience in building high quality out door living spaces.

8. Driveways add an extra 2.2% to the value of the property. Marble offers a wide range of different surfaces and styles to ensure it will match the property.

7. Redecorating can add 2.6% if done in the right way, choose neutral colors and fittings as opposed to bold features or dark paints.

6. For an extra 2.8% add a new bathroom or renovate an existing one.

5. Central Heating will add 3.4% to the value of a property if not already installed.

4. A new and possibly even extended kitchen increases the selling price by 4.6% on average.

3. A conservatory adds an average of 6% but keep in mind that if additions to a property are not in keeping with the existing design it could remove value from a house. Marble can suggest designs which are likely to compliment the property’s existing aesthetics.

2. A well built extension is always popular and increases a property’s price by an average of 11%. Marble can build any type or style and are experts in planning permission and design, making sure that the project is as cost effective as possible and always achieves a very high standard of work.

1. Velux conversions come in at poll position adding a whopping average of 12.5% to a property’s selling price, but only if it meets building and fire regulations. Click here for an example of Marble’s high quality loft conversions.

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