Marble Construction Ltd have been working with CITB and the Apprenticeships Scheme for the last two years. Throughout this time, Marble Construction have committed to 4 young apprentices and are now pleased to announce that our first apprentice, Jamie Manners has finally completed his 3 year, NVQ apprenticeship course and is officially a Junior Carpenter.

“Jamie will now move onto different roles within the company” says Darren Maunders, Operations Director. “He will start to complete small projects that he is confidant with on his own. After working closely with Jamie for the last two years, he knows the quality we expect and how to look after our customers when working in their home.”

Pippa O’Gorman, Director of the Business Services Department at Farnborough College of Technology said “Employing an apprentice has been shown to improve the workforce in skills and productivity within the business however, to gain these benefits it takes commitment, time and a huge investment from the employer. As an employer who is continuously running the apprenticeship program, I would just like to send my personal gratitude for your support in young people. We are very proud of the apprenticeship programme the college runs in partnership with local businesses and employers. We hope you help share this pride by displaying your certificate and helping spread the word about helping young people.

This certificate recognises Marble Construction for their commitment and support to the training and skills development of staff who have successfully completed an apprenticeship, Christine Slaymaker. Principal, FCOT.


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