When extending a property with an extension or loft conversion, underfloor heating is one of the most popular extras that people ask us about.

21st century living has proven that most of our time at home is spent in the kitchen/living area, and with radiators being a thing of the past, Hot water underfloor heating is the definitely the future.

When considering to install underfloor heating, there are two different types of flooring system. For bathrooms with a floor space of up to 8 squared meters, the most common option would be an electric under floor heating system. If the bathroom floor finish is a ceramic tile or stone, a wire matting system would be recommended where as if the floor finish is going to be a solid wood floor finish, an electric foil system would be recommended.

If you are considering a kitchen extension, and the floor space is going to be under 20 squared meters, an electric wire or foil system would also be the recommended system to use however, if you are thinking about installing underfloor heating throughout the whole property or the kitchen/living area is greater than 20 squared meters, then hot water underfloor heating is the right way to go.


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Hot water underfloor heating is generally a greater outlay when it comes to the initial installation but the long term running costs will be less than running electric underfloor heating on big floor spaces.

The benefit of hot water underfloor heating is that it runs on a closed circuit travelling to and from the boiler or pressurised heating cylinder via a manifold that pumps the water round the circuit. The cost savings happen compared to electric underfloor heating as we always keep or produce hot water for washing facilities within the home, where as electric underfloor heating has to continually use electricity to heat the matt when its turned on.

Hot water underfloor heating costs approximately £2,500 to £3,500 including VAT for a kitchen area around 20 to 30 squared meters.

If you would like a free design consultation to discuss your requirements for some underfloor heating, please contact us or call 0844 813 1111.

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