A revolutionary new air flow system is a fantastic way of building modern conversions. When the decision aries about what company to instruct to build your conversion, take into consideration the construction materials used to build your dormer.

When it comes to understanding the construction process of how a conversion is built, no one expects the general public to be aware of what options are available to make your loft more eco friendly.

There are new, exciting designs and modern products on the market that were not available, only a few years ago.

Don’t buy a standard (cheap built) dormer conversion that every tom, dick and harry that are throwing them up in your area, you know the lofts that get really hot in the summer and are really cold in the winter, the sort of lofts where cheap insulation are used and the design is based on speed for the builder or loft company, and not long term efficiency for your house.

We are very proud to demonstrate our latest Eco dormer to date, The AirFlow Dormer Construction…

The AirFlow Construction is a very simple design once thought about and mastered.

This new concept allows cold air to be sucked in at the bottom, between two wall skins of the dormer allowing the heat from the tiles/slates to be transferred up through the wall. This design allows the dormer to act like a chimney, drawing the heat out through air vents at the top of the dormer.

This photo below shows a the bottom of the dormer wall sucking in new cold, fresh air in between the dormer walls.

What this design allows to the dormer to do is cool its self in hotter months of the year without the need for air conditioning. This saving alone could be up to £200 per year when England has its hotter summers.

Other cost saving implications are reduced heating bills in the winter due to the additional insulation that is used on an AirFlow System.

The photo below demonstrates the cycle of this process:-

This revolutionary design is now available and takes no longer to construct than a traditional way of building dormer conversions. For more information or details on weather an AirFlow System is suitable on your property, please call our sales team on 0203 411 7025.

For more information on lofts, please see our main page on loft conversions.

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  • It seems something interesting design for the loft conversion. But I am still wondering that it is truly cost effective to install, besides the one’s now available in the market. If the answer is yes than it will really help the people who wants to install the loft conversion in their factories.

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