Terrible weather conditions today have brought the country to a grinding halt. Millions of people have cancelled going to work, many airports, train stations, bus routes and hundreds of schools have closed due to the heavy snow fall, but Marble construction continue to work…

The full team, including most of our apprentices, have all made their way through the snow to work this morning and are continuing to build on our local projects.

Unfortunately we had to cancel two of our loft conversion projects in Kingston as we couldn’t afford the risk of London traffic and appalling weather, but with our three local projects continuing to move forward, the dates for completion will not be compromised by the weather.

All the guys’ spirits are high and with the roads empty, it could be a very productive day for us.

Bad Weather Conditions

Darren Maunders said “I’m glad we decided to invest in two 4x4s late last year; without these we would be in a bit more of a sticky situation than we are today”

These 4x4s are acting as taxis, taking the guys to and from the projects. The only question is… are all our suppliers going to be open for business?

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