One of the most common questions people ask themselves when thinking about a loft conversion is “Is my loft high enough?”

Some lofts are easily past the minimum height whilst others are only just over and some are under the height.

When it comes to loft conversions some lofts are generally easier to convert than other lofts due to important factors such as the size, the shape and the type of construction available. The main factor out of these 3 is the height of the loft.

If there is a lot of height in your loft then you needn’t worry about whether there is another room or not. However if you find yourself ducking down when in your loft the chances are it’s too small.

The minimum head height for a loft conversion is 2.2 metres (7’2”). This is of course the absolute minimum height needed and so you would be very limited with your options of converting your loft at this height.

There are many advantages of having a loft conversion is you proceed. One of the most obvious reasons is that it creates extra space. If you need a new bedroom or work from home now and so need a new study a loft conversion may be the best option for you.

Another advantage of a loft conversion is that it adds more value to your property. Your house price can increase significantly if you decide to go ahead with the conversion.

If your loft seems to be the correct height and you feel like a loft conversion may be the right path for you then please contact us on 0844 813 1111 for a free quotation and to discuss any questions you may have.

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  • Hello, we are thinking of buying a three bedroom bungalow and turn into a four bedroom by converting the loft. However, the loft is shallow and not the required height needed! I am wondering on what sort of cost it would take to re-pitch the roof to allow this to happen and obviously incorporating the cost of the loft conversion whilst re-pitching roof.
    I am looking for a ball park figure but i don’t have the square footage to hand. I am just wondering if this would be worth pursuing or not.
    Thank you

  • Hi we are currently looking at all options of improving out property and one of them is a loft conversion, we measured standing up from boarded loft floor to centre of roof and it’s 2.16m we are looking at dormas to side and back too is this roof height to small? We are a detached property. Thank you

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