Here is a large conservatory we recently constructed in Virginia Water, Surrey.

Our customers, Mr and Mrs Sa joe, heard about Marble Construction through a friend who had had a similar type design done by us in the summer of 2006.

The project took 3 weeks to construct and Simon couldn’t believe it was done so quick. He said ” We thought you built our friends’ conservatory fast when it was done in 4 weeks, but to do ours a week faster and still manage to keep the quality so high is fantastic”

Thanks to Simon and Nicky and their kind referrals, we now have the opportunity to construct a smaller conservatory for Simon’s parents who live in Esher, Surrey. They are hoping to start their project in Spring 2008.

If you would like a similar conservatory designed and built by Marble Construction then please contact us as we would only be too happy to come over and discuss your requirements.

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