We have recently finished a small garden improvement for Mr and Mrs Hopkins.

With spring just round the corner, gardens are the place most families choose to spend their time together. Here at Marble Construction, we love to help in all areas of home improvement.

When Mr and Mrs Hopkins were referred to us by their neighbours, they wanted to do something in their garden that did not take up too much lawn space. With two young boys who were really into their football, lawn area was a very important factor. We came up with a simple design that gave them a proportionate amount of entertaining space whilst retaining the garden for the children.

Mrs Hopkins said ” It is a fantastic area that’s been created. We are really looking forward to spending as much time as we can out here during the summer months with the kids”

Decking is a simple way to create an external platform away from the house for all sorts of social events, whether it’s for BBQs, entertaining family and friends or simply relaxing on your own on a late summer afternoon.

Decking is relatively inexpensive and there are hundreds of different designs and finishes to choose from. Some husbands choose to do it themselves, others wish they had a little more time to take on this and other small projects  around the house but whatever your situation, Marble Construction are here to help… If you would like some advice on a particular design you have thought about or you would like to see how economical it is to have a professional tradesman come in and build your decking area, please call us as we are more than happy to get involved with even the smallest home improvements.

A decking area offers

  • Value for money
  • Cost effective way of gaining space
  • Fixed price per meter squared
  • 100’s of designs to choose from
  • Fantastic local suppliers
  • Different wood samples available

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